The Methodist family in Wellington is brought together by a deep desire to know and serve God. So at the heart of our common life is worship, offered in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. The Gospel itself may not have changed since the Lord first came proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was present… but for it to be celebrated and accessible to a modern world requires that worship should be open and relevant to a modern people.

Regular all-age services are well attended by the uniformed organisations and our growing group of young people. A monthly Holy Communion service is part of a balanced worship programme, as is the variety of preaching services.

Sunday Services

Worship – 10.15am

Early Communion – 9.00am (2nd Sunday in the Month)

Cafe Worship (2nd Sunday in the Month)

Iona/Taize Worship (Usually 4th Sunday in the Month) – 5.00 pm in the sanctuary

Young Church and the Emmaus Crew – 10.15am

J Team 4 – 9 years

Eammaus Crew 10+ years



Mid week Communion or Prayer Service – 9.30am in the Sanctuary

Food for Thought – 12.15pm (informal for approx 30 minutes) in Fellowship Room