Weekly Programme



Mid week  Service (Thursday) 24th May

9.30 am Holy Communion Rev Jones

Services for Sunday 27th May

10.15 am Morning Worship—Rev J Whately—Trinity Sunday

  Marsh Green Services
27th May—No Service


Weekday Programme


Wednesday 23rd May

9.30 am Here to Listen

10.00 am Sugar Craft

5.15 pm Rainbows

6.00 pm Guides

7.30 pm Ladies Group

Thursday 24th May

9.30 am Mid week Communion

10.00 am Coffee Morning

12.15 pm Food for Thought

1.30 pm Breathe Easy

1.30 am Art Group

6.00 pm Boys’ Brigade

7.30 pm Holiday Club Preparation

Friday 25th May

10.00 am Craft and Chat

 Saturday 26th May

10.00 am  Coffee Morning—Property Committee